TCM Mushroom Mix (2.5oz) | 药膳混合云南菌菇

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A wide array of mushrooms have long had a home in TCM and Chinese cuisine. They are the ultimate functional food, adding deep, umami flavors to any dish while improving brain function, balancing mood, strengthening immunity, and so much more! 

Though there are many great mushroom extracts and supplements already on the market, we at Five Seasons TCM believe food medicine is most effective when consumed whole and in its natural form.

We have brought you a mix of five unique mushrooms, some of which are difficult to find outside of China. All five species were grown organically in the cloud-clad mountains of China’s Yunnan Province. The province is synonymous with mushroom production, and more than 600 species of edible mushrooms grow in its lush and diverse ecosystems. Yunnan mushrooms are known for their quality, dense nutritional content, and rich flavors. 

For hundreds of years, ethnic minorities in Yunnan have built their livelihoods on exporting rare and sought-after mushrooms to the rest of China, and we aim to continue supporting these communities. 

Mushroom Mix: 

竹荪 (veiled lady), 姬松茸 (agaricus), 虫草花 (cordyceps militaris), 香菇 (shiitake), 金蚝油菇 (yellow oyster)

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