TCM is the Future of Wellness

It’s effective.

TCM is more than symptom management – it’s a sophisticated, research-backed healing system and a way of life. Within its wisdom, we find a wealth of knowledge on food energetics, living with the seasons, body constitutions, movements, and pressure points to support our mind & body every day.

It’s comprehensive.

After over 3,000 years of practice and evolution, TCM has refined what it means to live well. Its holistic model is expertly tailored to each individual for improved digestion, immunity, energy, pain, sleep, and more.

It’s preventative.

The medicine of the future is preventative, and TCM has been leading the way since 300 BCE. By addressing imbalances early through herbal medicine, acupuncture, food therapy, Taiji, and other evidence-based lifestyle remedies, TCM can help you feel good – and stay that way.


You really make me want to explore Chinese traditional food... I love your approach and your messages. I’m so happy to notice that you are mostly plant based as I am vegan myself... thank you for everything.
I just love your account, it’s both beautifully visually and rich in content! I also really appreciate how you make TCM foods/cooking so much more approachable. My TCM nutrition classes were unfortunately lacking in depth... it’s been a challenge he to find recipes in English. So thank you for sharing so generously!
Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply, especially giving the free advice when this is your work. I’m still learning about TCM (wasn’t really taught it growing up), bought your online course & my calendar should arrive today. Wish I had found you sooner! I appreciate you!
Eat. Balance. Thrive.
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