What is TCM Food Therapy?

Beyond Grandma’s mysteriously good-for-you chicken broth and herbal tonic, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Food Therapy is a holistic diet system with an abundance of history and current evidence-based researches behind. It utilizes TCM herbs and theory, fresh produce, seasonality, and individual constitutions to help us adjust imbalances and achieve optimal health through delicious foods and drinks.

What's Your Body Constitution?

Why do I gain weight so easily, yet my best friend can eat an “unlimited” amount of food and stay thin? Why is my skin always troubled by acne, but my brother has none? Each of us has a unique body constitution, influenced by both genetics and lifestyle, that makes us more susceptible to certain conditions and illnesses. Find out your body constitution with our test and understand what to eat to find your balance.


You really make me want to explore Chinese traditional food... I love your approach and your messages. I’m so happy to notice that you are mostly plant based as I am vegan myself... thank you for everything.
I just love your account, it’s both beautifully visually and rich in content! I also really appreciate how you make TCM foods/cooking so much more approachable. My TCM nutrition classes were unfortunately lacking in depth... it’s been a challenge he to find recipes in English. So thank you for sharing so generously!
Thank you so much, I really appreciate you taking the time to reply, especially giving the free advice when this is your work. I’m still learning about TCM (wasn’t really taught it growing up), bought your online course & my calendar should arrive today. Wish I had found you sooner! I appreciate you!
Eat. Balance. Thrive.
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