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Who We Are

Five Seasons TCM is a POC-women-owned boutique wellness brand. We are here to share and modernize the knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) food therapy through educational content, functional products and its' avant-garde aesthetic.

Our Mission

I. Promote, educate and inspire a TCM lifestyle

II. Provide access to high quality, sustainable, and curated products, inspired by the East Asia

III. Showcase the authentic knowledge of using food as medicine

IV. Amplify the voices of the Asian community, practitioners, and talents

Founder’s Letter

Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to read my words and explore Traditional Chinese Medicinal foods on this website; so much effort, passion, and love has poured into this entity.

Growing up in Shanghai, China, I was immersed in the culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Bone broth simmered with seasonal herbs was part of a daily meal; cooling herbal teas could be found on the streets, all summer long; TCM vocabulary is in our everyday language…The integration of TCM into our daily living is so natural that in many cases, we don’t even realize its presence. Only after I moved to the United States nine years ago, did I gradually recognize the benefits of TCM foods and its’ eating philosophies. I wholeheartedly found the lack of this knowledge in the U.S. a shame. At the same time, it frustrated me to see how poorly translated and misunderstood TCM foods were (and continues to be), both in China and the rest part of the world! The precious wisdom in diet and wellness has not been modernized well to suit our lives in the 21st century.

As a chef, nutritionist, practitioner, and a Chinese national, it is my passion and mission to share my understanding and perspective of TCM foods and nutrition. With the help of a group of passionate and talented individuals, I am able to create this hub for TCM food therapy. I truly believe it is beneficial for people across all cultures and backgrounds.

Five Seasons TCM is a place for education. It is a place to explore a better way of eating. It is a place to better understand our unique bodies in a holistic, flexible, and loving way. Hope you can learn a thing or two here. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have ideas, questions, or a pair of helpful hands.

Love and peace,

Zoey 8/31/2020

Our Team

We are always looking for talented personalities to work and grow with, and are currently seeking: recipe developers, recipe writers and photographers!

If you are interested in joining the team, interested in contributing content, or want to learn more about our current opportunities, please introduce yourself!

Xuenie Zhang | Co-founder

Growing up, Xue Nie has always turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine for long-term healing. She loves that TCM facilitates the correction of imbalances in her body. It has allowed her to enjoy her favorite Szechuan Spicy Fish dish “Shui Zhu Yu” 水煮鱼, guilt-free. She goes through jars of herbs and takes great pride in the meals that plaster smiles across her family’s faces. Xuenie graduated early from New York University magna cum laude in 2019 and has since been working at LVMH in Finance & Accounting. She is passionate about guiding people to live a healthy and happy lifestyle by sharing the wonders of Chinese medicinal ingredients.

Kai Yim, M.S., L.Ac | Co-founder, Founding Editor, In-House Acupuncturist

Kai grew up with much of the medicine in her household, but largely rejected most of it for lack of understanding. Her homecoming to TCM began after college while she lived in China and Hong Kong, and searched out solutions for her chronic eczema. It was then when she began to fully embrace Chinese herbal medicine and food therapy as the foundations to her healing.

Today, she is a board certified practitioner of Acupuncture (NCCAOM) and Oriental Medicine. She can be found as a full-time clinician treating patients at Oak Point Health & Vitality Center in Astoria, Queens.

As an American-born Chinese, the golden thread of her life has been weaving two opposing perspectives into one functional paradigm: eastern philosophy and the western lifestyle.

Cassie Zhang | Photographer

Cassie is a photographer who has her roots in Shanghai, China. From an early age, she has had a keen interest in the culinary arts. Many of her younger years were spent alongside her mother, experimenting with new techniques in baking and cooking Chinese cuisine. She is currently pursuing her Masters in Photography at the School of Visual Arts.

Xingqi Liu | Videographer

Xing Qi's connection to Chinese medicine runs back to her grandfather. A few days prior to our interview with Xing Qi, she was having bouts of heart burn. She called her grandpa, whom is a Chinese medicine doctor himself, and he shared a simple remedy: to mix ginger with black pepper and place it inside belly button. To her amazement, it worked!

With her unique talents we're able to bring fresh perspectives of TCM through her videography work.

Sanna Chen | The SEO Goddess

This Brooklyn-born babe is one of our obsessive tea drinkers! We love her for her strong advocacy for traditional Chinese medicine and her interest in herbal medicine. Outside of her full-time career, she supports us with her professional talents of SEO and digital marketing.

Elaine Guo | Chinese Historian, Researcher & Writer

Elaine is a fiction writer and part-time historian. She finds Chinese history and culture endlessly fascinating, and grew up surrounded by TCM principles. She loves to learn about Chinese medicine through the lens of history and ancient texts, and now incorporates TCM practices into her life, though she wishes she had listened to her mother and avoided iced drinks as a teenager.

Grace Lee | Customer Relations Intern

Grace is in her third year of TCM school on the west coast. She has always been drawn to the holistic arts ever since discovering yoga as a teen in San Francisco. Grace was introduced to acupuncture after injuring her ankle and realized she wanted to help others heal in the same way. As a Korean-American woman, she feels a strong connection to Saam Acupuncture and envisions a world where TCM can be accessible to all.

Our Past Interns

We are grateful for their passion and talent.

Serena Uy, Harper Lan, Emily Wang, Lily Xu,

Shirley Wang, Amanda Azeldes,

Tommy Park, Ariel Binns, Natalie Chen, Elizabeth Patrick