Bamboo Fungus | Zhu Sun 竹荪

Five Seasons TCM

Common Chinese Name: 竹荪,zhu sun Common English Name: Bamboo pith, veiled lady, long net stinkhorn Scientific Name: phallus indusiatus Common Form: Dried mushroom, very light, off white  TCM Five Flavors: Sweet, slightly bitter TCM Energetics: cooling Nutritional Science: Nutrients: amino acids,potassium, calcium, zinc, polysaccharides Function: helps with high blood pressure, anti-cancer, 90% water, 6% fiber TCM Benefits: replenishes Qi and nourishes yin  moistens the Lung and relieves coughing cools heat Cooking Suggestions: Rinse well before using, then soak for 15 minutes in room temperature water to rehydrate. Add to broth. Stuff asparagus or ground shrimp in the center and steam. Notes and Safety: Generally, it is very...

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