Year of the Water Rabbit Recommendations for Yin Deficiency 陰虛

Author: Gabrielle Stratton, L.Ac

Editors: Kate Downes & Yvette Ly

Graphic: Jackie Kim


2023 signifies the shift from the Yang Water Tiger to the Yin Water Rabbit. This year represents gentle growth, expansion, and harmony.

What is a body constitution? 
TCM body constitution 体质 includes “the characteristics of an individual, including structural and functional characteristics, temperament, adaptability to environmental changes and susceptibility to disease. It is relatively stable, being in part genetically determined and in part acquired.”

How one feels on a daily basis, as well as how our body responds to imbalances or illness, depends on our body’s constitution(s).

Those who identify with a Yin Deficient body constitution 体质, can benefit from the slow, rejuvenating energy of the year. 


Characteristics of Yin Deficiency

Yin energy symbolizes inner stillness, rest, intuition, earth, and cold. When there is less Yin in the body, there is heat, dryness, and boundless Yang. 

Yin Deficient types may have unquenchable thirst, night sweats, constipation, chronic skin issues, and hot flashes. This constitution is a common underlying cause for fertility issues, irregular menstruation, and difficulty in menopause. Experiencing insomnia and feeling unable to focus on one task is also not uncommon. 

Often the result of overwork and prolonged stress, Yin Deficiency may cause mood disregulation. Bouts of anxiety, panic attacks, and being quick to anger are often present.


Thriving in the Yin Water Rabbit Year

The Yin water energy of this year gives us the capacity to find stillness and move forward with care, cultivating steady progress. The year’s Qi asks us to keep an open mind to new possibilities. Harnessing the slow, intentional nature of Yin helps to rebuild your reserves, supporting the rejuvenating energy of the Water Rabbit. 



Hydration is key for those with Yin Deficiency. Fresh, cooling, and neutral foods are your best friends. Increase consumption of steamed veggies like broccoli, asparagus, and spinach. Try to introduce more sour, salty, and sweet flavors into your diet like pears or fermented foods. For those who eat meat, balance warming red meats with things like duck, pork, and eggs. Our Simple Savory Millet Congee is a perfect addition to any meal! 


Herbal Remedies

Add longan fruit, lily bulb, and goji berries to soup or porridges to naturally soothe dryness and irritability. Our Lullaby Calming Tonic Bag is perfect for those who suffer from insomnia or general anxiety due to this imbalance. 


Movement & Mindfulness for Yin Deficiency 

The Yin Water energy of the year brings special attention to the Kidneys. Focus on adding rejuvenating movement practices like Qi Gong or restorative yoga to help build sustained energy. Balance morning runs or strength training with slow walks, pilates, and deep stretching. 

Focus on long rhythmic breath techniques like box breathing, alternate nostril breathing, or diaphragmatic breath to cool and calm your nervous system. Daily meditation to build awareness can be especially beneficial. Explore non-sleep deep rest activities.


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