Purslane Lotus Root Salad to Cool Heat and Detox | 清热马齿苋莲藕色拉

Purslane, ma chi xian (馬齒莧), is a cold veggie fantastic for cooling heat and treating skin conditions (caused by heat), hemorrhoids, red/white/smelly vaginal discharge, and inflammation. It is both common in southern China and also in Europe I believe. 

In this recipe, fresh purslane is quickly blanched and paired with boiled lotus root to nourish Yin (the fluid aspect of our bodies) and cool summer heat. A tart-savory goji vinaigrette is used to bring the two vegetables together. You can also choose to mix them with your own dressing of choice:

  • If you want the cooling effect, do not use too many aromatic and warming ingredients such as ginger, pepper, garlic. You can choose something like a pesto dressing. 
  • If you want to reduce the cooling nature of this recipe, then you can use the warming herbs mentioned above. 

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Written by Five Seasons TCM
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