Mushroom Galette with Lily Bulb | 蘑菇咸派

This galette features blue oyster and maitake mushrooms, with a crispy reishi pastry crust, bok choy, and a cheesy lily bulb spread. Lily bulbs are root vegetables that are edible which looks similar to garlic. They taste like water chestnuts, but much sweeter! To clean fresh lily bulbs, peel the petals while rinsing under running water because dirt gets lodged between the petals. It has a long shelf life which can last up to a few months when it is kept refrigerated.

Lily bulbs are widely grown and cultivated in Asia especially in China, Japan, and Korea. Is it grown in both northern and central regions in China. Fresh lily bulbs can be bought in-season from spring towards the end of summer. Lily bulbs are considered to be yin in character, as it has a cooling effect on the body making it ideal to consume during summer. Medicinally, it helps to relieve symptoms of lung congestion, coughing or asthma.

Written by Five Seasons TCM

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