Sweet Potato 番薯

Common Chinese Name (pinyin): 番薯 (fān shǔ),红薯 (hong shǔ)

TCM Five Flavors: Sweet

TCM Energetics: Neutral

Meridian Affinity: Spleen, kidney

Nutritional Science: 成分

  • Nutrients: Dietary fiber, high in vitamin B 
  • Function: Promote bowel movement and prevent constipation. Cardiovascular disease prevention and promote cholesterol excretion


TCM Benefits: 功效

  • Tonify the Middle and benefit the Spleen
  • Regulate the blood
  • Nourish the Qi
  • Quench thirsty and reduce edema 
  • Help with digestive system health and relieve constipation
  • Help with Damp-heat and jaundice


Cooking Suggestions: 使用方法

  • Steam, bake, or make soup. 
  • Can be used interchangeably with pumpkin.


  • Do not over consume, which may cause excess stomach acid.
  • Individuals with weak or cold spleen and stomach, should not consume raw sweet potato. 
Written by Five Seasons TCM