Purple Rice Rose Porridge for Mood and Beauty 紫米玫瑰养颜粥

Five Seasons TCM 1 comment
To balance your mood and move liver stagnation, try this blood-replenishing, beautifying breakfast bowl.  
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Protein-Rich Creamy Mushroom Oatmeal Congee | 高蛋白蘑菇燕麦粥

Five Seasons TCM
With our Better Than Coffee Culinary TCM Tonic Bag, this congee makes for an ideal breakfast dish that will give sustained fullness and energy through long mornings.
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The Best Damp-Removing Porridge | 祛湿红豆粥

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Combining Pearl Barley and Azuki Beans together, this porridge benefits the spleen, takes out dampness, and makes you feel lighter in summer without having to go on a juice cleanse!
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