Chrysanthemum Wine | 菊花酒

The Double Ninth Festival or The Double Yang Festival (重阳节), observed on the ninth day of the ninth month in the Chinese calendar, is a traditional Chinese holiday that celebrates nature by going on a hike and paying respect to the seniors by visiting them. It got its name from the I-Ching, which mentions that 6 is the number for Yin and 9 is the number for Yang. The ninth of September, thus, is the “Double Ninth” day that has special meaning in Chinese culture.

This year, the holiday falls on October 25, 2020. We encourage you to visit your senior family members or go on a hike to celebrate!In China, it is also around the peak season for golden chrysanthemum. Therefore, we want to share a chrysanthemum wine recipe today! It is a must-have on this holiday to eliminate bad luck and to achieve longevity!



Written by Five Seasons TCM

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