NYC Spring 2021 TCM Picnic

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We have a passion for creating authentic experiences inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and especially around food. Learn, nourish, and relax with the Five Seasons TCM team in an intimate setting. There are only 10 seats available for each session. 

Each picnic ticket ($55-65/pp) includes:

  • TCM beverage and foods (vegan & gluten-free by Chef Zoey Gong)
  • Tonic samples x 3 
  • Seasonal eating workshop
  • Acupressure workshop
  • Intimate group Q&A
  • Special themes of each day

We are offering two separate dates and two seating times! Each session will have a unique theme, so please read through the descriptions below to see which session interests you the most!

May 15th | 12:30 pm-2 pm | Ear Seeding w/ Zoey Gong

Location: Central Park, NY
Based on embryology, learn how to diagnose and apply ear seeds to yourself to treat things like sleep disorders, anxiety, and simple body pains. Ear seeds and alcohol pads will be provided.

Items to bring: picnic blanket, utensils, small glass/mug, small mirror, tweezers

May 15th | 2:30pm - 4pm | Myofascial Release for Digestion w/ Kai Yim LAc & MSTOM

Location: Central Park, NY
Get your gastric juices flowing before you enjoy a nutritious TCM meal! Our in-house licensed acupuncturist will take you through an incredibly effective myofascial release sequence to improve digestion before mealtimes. We will have a few extra balls to be lent out.

Items to bring: yoga mat, myofascial release balls or Yoga Tune Up balls (if you have), utensils, small glass/mug

May 22nd | 12:30 pm-2 pm &  2:30pm - 4pm | 7s Art Guqin Performance & TCM

Location: McCarren Park, BK
In collaboration with 7s Art Center, we are offering a mesmerizing Guqin performance, with conversations and teachings of TCM. Guqin is an ancient seven-string Chinese musical instrument. It is a piece of art, practiced for self-introspection and healing.

Items to bring: picnic blanket, utensils, small glass/mug, music instruments (if you have)

Further details will be emailed after registration and payment. *Please inform us if you have any dietary restrictions!