Kidney Nourishing Powder

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In TCM, the Kidney is a very important organ that has a much broader range of functions than the definition of kidneys from biomedicine. Beyond maintaining the composition of blood by removing waste and excess water, the Kidney houses Jing essence which can transform into Qi and Blood to support our life, energy, reproductive health, and yin-yang balance. 

This delicious powder is made from three simple yet effective ingredients: black sesame, black soybean (non-GMO), and black wood ear. (The color black enters the kidney meridian. )

  • Black sesame 黑芝麻: sweet/neutral, enters Kidney and Liver meridians, tonifies yin, jing and blood, moistens the intestines and helps build the spirit or Shen.
  • Black soybean 黑豆: sweet/netural, enters Kidney/Spleen/Liver/Large Intestine meridians, serves as an effective remedy for kidney diseases, water retention, and poisoning.
  • Black wood ear 黑木耳: sweet/neutral, enters Lung, Heart, and Liver meridians, is known for its ability to tonify yin,  helps to regulate blood circulation, and clears heat.

Instructions: Simply add 1-2 tbsp of powder to warm milk or water. You can also add the powder to your oatmeal, bone broth. Note that it is recommended to heat this powder rather than eating it as is. 

Tasting Notes: nutty, sesame, suitable for both sweet and savory dish

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