Herbal Black Sesame Pearls | 药膳黑芝麻丸

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These sweet treats might taste like a dessert, but they sneak in major health benefits. All ingredients are black in color and are intended to directly nourish the Kidneys and Yin according to TCM principles. Each pearl is doubled wrapped and sealed in a glass jar with an acacia wood cap. You can reuse the air-tight jar to store herbs.


The pearls were made using whole, natural ingredients, and a traditional, labor-intensive method. All dry ingredients were repeatedly steamed and sun-dried instead of roasted. This time-consuming and methodical process ensures that ingredients retain their nutrients, but also cooks them so that they are easy to digest. The ingredients are then ground and mixed with honey, formed into pearl rounds by hand, and wrapped. 

Ingredients (14 pearls/jar):

  • Black sesame seeds
  • Non-GMO black soybeans
  • Black rice
  • Black jujube dates
  • Huang jing (Solomon’s seal root)
  • Walnuts
  • Dried mulberries
  • Honey

*Allergens: soy, seeds, nuts


  • 2 pearls/day

Consumption Method:

You can eat it straight as a snack. However, during cold months, the natural oil in our sesame pearls will make it difficult to peel of the white wrapping paper. If this happens, you just need to microwave or steam the balls (take aluminum paper off beforehand) for 15 seconds.

Notes on Packaging:

  • The glass jar may appear "wet" or "oily" inside due to the naturally occurring oil from the ground sesame. Please do not be alarmed. This is perfectly normal and the pearls are safe to consume. 
  • Store at room temperature and finish within 6 months of purchase. 
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