Fortune & Blessings Greeting Card Set by Overice Studio

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Brighten someone’s day with our special greeting card set by New York design studio, Overice. 


Artist Note: This series of greeting cards takes inspiration from our unique cultural symbols and greetings. There is a long tradition in which four-letter idioms have been exchanged to symbolize good fortune and blessings. Share the poetic meanings behind these timeless and profound beauties with your family and friends.


Each set includes a curated assortment of 5 cards

  • Seasonal Love Birds 比翼双飞, “Fly together with kissing wings.”, 比翼means fly wing to wing, 双飞 means fly together - a metaphor for lovers with two hearts beating as one, support each other and inseparable
  • Chives 长长久久 “Forever and ever" has the same pronunciation as “长长韭韭” which means long chives, which symbolizes an enduring quality and longevity. It is often applied to the lifespan of love, that for it to be long-lasting, love requires two people to maintain it with the heart.
  • Four Persimmons 事事如意 “May everything be as you wish!" “Be in smooth water” has the same pronunciation as “柿柿如意”, which the literal translation is "Persimmon Persimmon as one wishes".  Persimmon trees have high ornamental value, and a pot is often maintained in Chinese homes. It is an auspicious fruit for gifting and can bring good luck.

    • Baby with Longevity Peach 寿桃宝宝 Birthday Card
      The longevity peach is a representation of Peaches of Immortality. According to Chinese folk legends, these peaches ripen every thousand years and grant immortality to humans when consumed. The pastry is typically served on birthdays. The artwork is taking inspiration from traditional Chinese wood prints that feature auspicious designs that symbolize good luck and the warding off of evil.
    • Blue or Pink New Baby 喜得千金 /贵子 Greeting Card
      The artwork is taking inspiration from traditional Chinese wood prints. As symbols of good luck and happiness, bats have few rivals in Chinese culture, and admiration for bats is ancient. The Chinese word for bat is 'fu,' pronounced the same as the word for good fortune.


    Overice Studio is a design studio based in New York City. We serve and celebrate our community and entrepreneurs, empowering their presence in the respective industries with creative visuals that harmonize Asian roots and Western influence.