Eight TCM Recipes for an At-Home Chinese Banquet by Zoey Gong [e-book]

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We're relaunching our CNY recipe book for the Year of the Water Tiger! Free with any purchase in our store. 

Written by our chef and founder, Zoey Gong, this cookbook contains 8 celebratory recipes for CNY with a traditional Chinese medicinal twist to further inspire health and prosperity! Each recipe also comes with a small explanation as to why certain foods are eaten during this important holiday! 

Recipes inside:

Qi and Blood Tonifying Oxtail Bone Broth | 补气血牛尾汤元宝馄饨

Ingot Veggie Dumplings | 灯笼虾

Steamed Lantern Shrimp with Mashed Yam | 枸杞春卷

Seared Goji Spring Rolls | 孔雀清蒸鲈鱼

Steamed Whole Seabass Steamed Napa Cabbage Roll | 白菜卷

8 Treasure Purple Sticky Rice | 八宝紫糯米饭

Sticky Rice Jewels featuring black sesame, Ube, and pumpkin | 黑芝麻紫薯汤圆

*all recipes are dairy-free, and most can be adapted for vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. If you have purchased this book from last year, the content is the same :) 

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