26 Recipes of 26 Edible & Medicinal Mushrooms by Zoey Gong [e-book]

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Chinese medicinal chef and registered nutritionist, Zoey Gong, brings you this unique celebration of the fungi kingdom! She so strongly subscribes to mushrooms' ​therapeutic abilities for the body-mind-spirit that she's ringing in 26 years of life with this rich collection of exciting recipes featuring ​​​mushrooms!

In her latest recipe e-book, 26 Recipes of 26 Edible & Medicinal Mushrooms, you will:
  • learn how to use a plethora of edible fungi, both fresh and dried, as a force for good and wellbeing in your life
  • find mouthwatering ​recipes and ​photographs of lesser-known mushroom varieties from Asia like Tremella, Cordyceps, and Poria (but accessible to the west)
  • encounter an array of cooking methods, incredible ​flavors, and creative textures
  • gain practical advice and tips on​ how to safely prepare and use specific types of mushrooms

26 Recipes for 26 Edible & Medicinal Mushrooms offers a delicious and creative path towards eating well while honoring the synergy between the human and natural world.

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