Dried Snow Fungus

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Common Chinese Name: 银耳/白木耳, Yin Er/Bai Mu Er

Common English Name: Snow fungus, white wood ear mushroom, tremella, silver ear mushroom

Scientific Name: Tremella Fuciformis

Common Form: White/light yellow dried mushroom

TCM Five Flavors: Sweet/Bland

TCM Energetics: Neutral

Nutrients: dietary fiber, protein (6 of the 8 essential amino acids), calcium, iron, antioxidants, multiple polysaccharides


  • Improves skin health, anti-aging
  • Supports immune system and digestion
  • Replenishes the kidneys
  • Clears the lungs: relieves throat dryness and coughing
  • Helps with constipation and irregular menstrual cycles

Cooking Method:

  • Always soak for at least an hour in sufficient water before cooking.
  • Blanch and make salad or stir fry with other vegetables.
  • Add to sweet porridge or soup. They are more suitable for sweet dishes.
  • Please search "snow fungus" on our site to see more recipes!

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