The 9 Body Constitutions

TCM is an individualized medicine. The same food or herb will have different effect on different people.

Here you will be able to get a general idea of your constitution and learn how to eat right for your own body

Almost every Chinese knows one thing or two about body constitution “体质.” It is “the characteristics of an individual, including structural and functional characteristics, temperament, adaptability to environmental changes and susceptibility to disease. It is relatively stable, being in part, genetically determined and in part, acquired.”

It is similar to the Three Doshas of Ayurvedic medicine, but in my opinion, the TCM body constitution system is more detailed and complex. This is really the foundation of the TCM diagnosis and nutrition. By knowing your constitution, you will be able to choose your foods more wisely.

Remember, body constitutions are mixed, varied in degree, and changeable. Each of us might have a combination of several of the constitutions described below. Find the one or two that says the most about you. Through lifestyle changes and major life events, your body constitution(s) may shift. Embrace the change and encourage yourself to understand why and how to make it a more positive change.  

A dietary recommendation is provided in our constitution test, not for you to restrict but to guide you to choose food more wisely for your unique body.

The Nine Body Constitutions

Neutral 平和 - The “Ideal”

Yang Deficiency 陽虚

Yin Deficiency 陰虛

Blood Stasis 血瘀

Qi Deficiency 氣虛

Qi Stagnation 氣鬱

Damp-Heat 濕熱

Phlegm-Dampness 痰濕

Allergic Constitution 特稟