Soothing Liver Qi Stagnation by Qi Food Therapy [e-book]

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Do you live with constipation, a sluggish liver, monthly menstrual symptoms high cholesterol, or do you emotionally face feelings of anger, irritability, or frustration? 

Well, you might have Liver Qi Stagnation. We commonly see a lot of people commonly with these symptoms, which is why we love sharing this e-book! Inside, find 26 beautiful recipes.

You'll also:

  • grasp the role of the Liver in this organ matrix,
  • learn how emotions affect organ functions
  • learn what foods ease Liver Qi Stagnation, and which foods contribute to Liver Qi stagnating
  • you'll learn how to address Liver Qi Stagnation from a movement and wholistic perspective and a  dietary therapy standpoint

This Chinese Medicine e-book was written by Kimberly Ashton a wellness coach, with a focus on TCM food therapy, Macrobiotics, Emotional & Metaphysical Anatomy. Over the years of working with clients, she has found that the missing component to truly Holistic nutrition is an understanding and application of Food Therapy and the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine. Last year, she launched Qi Food Therapy, a culmination of all her work and vision to bring the energy of food and emotions to the forefront of well-being, to help people become more conscious of how the body-mind works.

This Chinese Medicine e-book was co-authored with TCM Doctor and Acupuncturist, Dr. Evan Pinto, based in Shanghai. 

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