Managing Dampness by Qi Food Therapy [e-book]

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We often get asked, "What is dampness?"

Dampness is a condition that is well known in Chinese Medicine, but not a concept we have in Western medicine and health. In this e-book, uncover and develop a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of dampness: what it is, what it means for the body, how it occurs or builds up, and the common symptoms and diagnosis.

This Chinese Medicine e-book was written by Kimberly Ashton a wellness coach, with a focus on TCM food therapy, Macrobiotics, Emotional & Metaphysical Anatomy. Over the years of working with clients, she has found that the missing component to truly Holistic nutrition is an understanding and application of Food Therapy and the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine. Last year, she launched Qi Food Therapy, a culmination of all her work and vision to bring the energy of food and emotions to the forefront of well-being, to help people become more conscious of how the body-mind works.

This book is written by Kimberley Ashton and was co-authored with TCM Doctor and Acupuncturist, Dr. Evan Pinto, based in Shanghai. 

Kimberly Ashton is a Health & Wellness coach who spent over 16 years in Shanghai, 8 of which she co-owned China’s first health food store & kitchen classroom. In 2017-2019 she taught Food Energetics & Food Therapy nutrition at Yoga teacher trainings in Thailand, and Macrobiotic trainings in China and Japan.
She is currently back in Australia and has launched Qi Food Therapy, her new brand and platform teaching modalities for how to “balance life energy” through food, movement & emotional wellness.
Her focus is intuitive unwinding and helping her clients & students better manage their energies through food choices, cooking techniques, the 5 Elements and the lens of Chinese medicine.
In 2019 she published her second book “Chinese Superfoods” in Mandarin which encourages new generations of food therapy enthusiasts to explore Asian traditional foods, everyday ingredients & get back in the kitchen. It has sold over 7,000 copies and is in its 2nd reprint.