Bamboo Fungus | Zhu Sun 竹荪
Common Chinese Name: 竹荪,zhu sun

Common English Name: Bamboo pith, veiled lady, long net stinkhorn

Scientific Name: phallus indusiatus

Common Form: Dried mushroom, very light, off white 

TCM Five Flavors: Sweet, slightly bitter

TCM Energetics: cooling

Nutritional Science:

  • Nutrients: amino acids,potassium, calcium, zinc, polysaccharides

  • Function: helps with high blood pressure, anti-cancer, 90% water, 6% fiber

TCM Benefits:

  • replenishes Qi and nourishes yin 
  • moistens the Lung and relieves coughing
  • cools heat

Cooking Suggestions:

Bamboo fungus

  • Rinse well before using, then soak for 15 minutes in room temperature water to rehydrate.

  • Add to broth.

  • Stuff asparagus or ground shrimp in the center and steam.

Notes and Safety:

  • Generally, it is very safe!
  • In ancient China, it was considered a delicacy and aphrodisiac due to its unique taste, shape, and rarity. China's Qing Dynasty, the species was collected in Yunnan Province and sent to the Imperial Palaces to satisfy the appetite of Empress Dowager Cixi, who particularly enjoyed meals containing edible fungi.
  • An American diplomat wrote about bamboo fungus after his visit to China in the 1970s: "It has a fine and tender texture, fragrance and is attractive, beautiful in shape, fresh and crispy in taste."
Written by Five Seasons TCM