Year of the Yin Water Rabbit Recommendations for Allergic Constitution 特稟

Author: Gabrielle Stratton, L.Ac

Editors: Kate Downes & Yvette Ly

Graphic: Jackie Kim


As we get closer to Lunar New Year, we wanted to share ways to support unique body constitutions for the year of the Yin Water Rabbit. 

What is a body constitution? 
TCM body constitution 体质 includes “the characteristics of an individual, including structural and functional characteristics, temperament, adaptability to environmental changes and susceptibility to disease. It is relatively stable, being in part genetically determined and in part acquired.”

How one feels on a daily basis, as well as how our body responds to imbalances or illness, depends on our body’s constitution(s).

The Lunar New Year brings in fresh expansive energy, which is perfect for building up powerful Qi. The Qi Deficient Body Constitution can benefit from the balanced nature of the year with proper nutrition, herbs and mindful movement. 

Like the other constitution types, the Allergic constitution has many potential benefits to come in the Yin Water Rabbit year as long as they live in tune with the seasons and practice habits that balance their constitution.


Characteristics of Allergic Constitution 

Allergic Constitution types tend toward hypersensitivity to allergens. Susceptibility to allergens causes general inflammation, digestive problems, and more extreme allergic reactions. Sensitivities to environmental allergens, foods, drugs, pets dander, or other irritants cause the body to be on high alert and create a cascade of symptoms. It is common to experience itchy skin and eyes, runny nose, asthma, frequent colds, or digestive inflammation.


Thriving in the Yin Water Rabbit Year 

The Rabbit’s weather pattern is associated with yang ming (dryness). This brings about milder fluctuations of temperature than we saw last year, benefitting the Allergic Constitution type. 

The moderate temperatures may bring about a predominant allergy that you can start to heal and work with. We recommend seeking out an acupuncturist or herbalist to help identify a root issue to start healing the branch inflammation. Embrace the balanced nature of the year with action and repose. 



Focus on nourishing, anti-inflammatory, and immune-modulating foods, as well as foods that build Qi. Mushrooms, sweet potatoes, carrots, blueberries, elderberries, leafy greens, and chicken all contain immune-boosting nutrients and build Qi in the body. Try our Chicken Buckwheat Noodle soup to support immune function. 

Avoid dairy, processed, and spicy foods which can cause an inflammatory reaction. It is important to focus on balance between cooler and warming foods, everything in moderation! 


Herbal Remedies 

Our Superwoman Tonic Bags are great for Allergic Constitution types because they contain herbs with immune-modulating properties! Herbs like astragulas, siler root, stinging nettle, and turmeric can be beneficial as teas or cooking ingredients. 


Movement & Mindfulness

The Rabbit is wise and knows when it is time to rest and when it is time to be active. Tapping into the Water Rabbit energy can bring great harmony to this constitution. Physical activity can be beneficial as it leads to better circulation and reduced inflammation. Utilize the Yin energy of the year to be creative and flexible about your movement routines. 

The Rabbits vital energy can only endure because of its natural tendency toward hibernation in the Winter. Breath training can help reduce stress and lower histamines in your body. Alternate nostril breathing or long deep breathing are especially important during the Winter and Fall to revitalize our reserves.


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Written by Five Seasons TCM

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