Year of the Water Rabbit Recommendations for Blood Stasis 血瘀

Author: Gabrielle Stratton, L.Ac

Editors: Kate Downes & Yvette Ly

Graphic: Jackie Kim

As we get closer to Lunar New Year, we wanted to share ways to support unique body constitutions for the year of the Yin Water Rabbit. 

What is a body constitution? 
TCM body constitution 体质 includes “the characteristics of an individual, including structural and functional characteristics, temperament, adaptability to environmental changes and susceptibility to disease. It is relatively stable, being in part genetically determined and in part acquired.”

How one feels on a daily basis, as well as how our body responds to imbalances or illness, depends on our body’s constitution(s).


The year of the Yin Water Rabbit is about slow progression toward one’s goals. Finding balance between the active nature of the Rabbit and the repose of the Yin Water is key for our next Body constitution, 体质 Blood Stasis. 

While it is not the most common root constitution, many people in modern society experience some sort of Blood Stasis as a branch disorder. Addressing Blood stasis is important as it can lead to chronic pain, menstrual issues, infertility,  cardiovascular issues, and tumor growth. 


Characteristics of Blood Stasis 

Blood Stasis is akin to poor circulation. Improper circulation can lead to various forms of pain in the body, dull and dry skin, cold hands and feet, and dark circles under the eyes. 

Blood Stasis is a common pathology for menstrual pain and irregularities. Bloating and sharp, fixed cramps, large/painful clots, and irregular periods are common symptoms. A short temper, forgetfulness, and impatience are key signs of Blood Stasis.   


Thriving in the Yin Water Rabbit Year 

In TCM, Blood is thought to be a Yin substance. The Yin Water aspect of the year encourages us to take stock of the things in our life that are not flowing freely. 

The wisdom of the Rabbit teaches us to look at the ways in which we may be impeding our own progress, impeding Qi flow with poor posture, a lack of movement, and poor sleep hygiene, all of which can aggravate a Blood Stasis constitution. Help encourage healthy blood flow with a daily movement practice and an evening routine that promotes good quality sleep.   



Taking a cue from the Rabbit energy of the year is important to encourage circulation and movement. Replace cold, highly processed, fatty foods with pungent, seasonal cooked foods to help eliminate stasis. 

Try turmeric, beets, leafy greens, kidney or adzuki beans, and vinegars. And remember to hydrate! Our Thai Basil and Cilantro Pesto Congee is a perfect option! 


Herbal Remedies

Rabbit is associated with the Wood element (our Liver/Gallbladder) in TCM, signifying growth and movement. The Liver is in charge of the free flow of Qi and stores the blood making Liver Care Tonic Tea bags the perfect way to support Blood Stasis in the year of the Rabbit.  


Movement & Mindfulness

Blood Stasis is due to a lack of proper flow. Try to break up long periods of sitting with a short walk or active stretching, avoid ice cold beverages, and get regular acupuncture treatments to help stimulate Qi and blood flow in the body. Research shows that strength training and saunas can greatly improve circulation.

Breath work and mindfulness that creates energetic movement can be beneficial for the mind and body. This year is all about balancing  yin and yang activity. Try more invigorating breath work like Kappalabhati, Qi Gong, and Tai Ji. Balance with slow, intentional breathing.


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