Aloe Vera | 芦荟
Common English Name: Aloe
Common Chinese Name (pinyin): 芦荟, lu hui
TCM Five Flavors: neutral - slightly bitter
TCM Energetics: cooling - cold
Meridian Affinity: Stomach, Large Intestine, Liver
Nutritional Science:
  • Nutrients: vitamin A, B, C, E, lignin, saponins, salicylic acids, low calorie
  • Function: digestion, stomach ulcer, hydration, blood sugar regulation, canker sores

TCM Benefits:
  • Cool heat
  • Relieve constipation caused by excessive intestinal heat
  • Kills parasites and strengthens the stomach
  • Clears Liver fire
  • Help with gastrointestinal ulcers/infections, constipation
  • Help with Weight management

Cooking Suggestions:
  • Drink aloe juice. Purchase with 20% here.
  • Remove the green skin of aloe and cut the transparent flesh into pieces. Rinse and stew with other fruits.
  • Mix with juice, smoothie, tea.

Five Seasons TCM Recipes:

Notes & Safety:
  • Note that the aloe in TCM herbalism (picture on the right) is very different from the fresh aloe we commonly see (picture on the left). The aloe we are referring to here is fresh aloe that you are able to buy easily.
  • Generally, it is very safe if consumed in moderation. Limit consumption if you have a cold, damp constitution.
Written by Five Seasons TCM

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