Sweet Rice 糯米

Common English Name: sweet rice, mochi rice, glutinous rice, sticky rice 

Common Chinese Name (pinyin): 糯米 (nuò mǐ)

TCM Five Flavors: Sweet

TCM Energetics: Warm

Meridian Affinity: Spleen, Lungs, Stomach

TCM Benefits:

  • Tonify middle and Qi-boosting
  • Strengthen the spleen and stomach, benefit lung qi
  • Stop diarrhea
  • Reduce urination 
  • Relieve excessive perspiration
  • Scarring - result from acne or infection

Nutritional Science:

  • Nutrients: protein, fat, carbohydrates, thiamin (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitamin B2), niacin (vitamin B3), phosphorus, calcium, iron, etc.
  • Function: Replenish energy and vitamin B group. Anti-carcinogen. 

Cooking Suggestions:

  • Porridge or rice. 
  • Sweet rice flour can be made into mochi.
  • Rinse before using. Option to soak overnight for faster cooking.


Notes & Safety:

  • Individuals with damp heat, phlegm-fire should consume in moderation. 
  • Glutinous rice is sticky, and can cause indigestion especially when cooked into pastry. Infants, toddler, elderly and individuals recovering from illness should avoid consumption.
Written by Five Seasons TCM

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