Mung Bean | 绿豆  

Common Chinese Name (pinyin): 绿豆 (lǜ dòu

TCM Five Flavors: Sweet

TCM Energetics: Cooling

Meridian Affinity: Heart, stomach

Nutritional Science: 成分

  • Protein, carbohydrates carotene, riboflavin B2, phosphatidylcholine (PC). 
  • Function: Lower blood lipid, cardiovascular disease prevention, anti-tumor, antibacterial, protects liver and kidney. 
  • It contains high level of antioxidant which will reduce chronic disease risk
  • Antioxidants Vitexin and Isovitexin: may prevent heat stroke
  • May Lower LDL Levels which can lower the risk of heart disease

TCM Benefits: 功效

  • Clear heat and relieve summer heat and red eye
  • Diuretic and detoxification
  • Alleviate summer heat and thirst 
  • Relieve common cold with wind-heat syndrome

Cooking Suggestions: 使用方法

  • Soak overnight before cooking.
  • Add to porridge or rice. 
  • Make sweet filling with shelled mung bean. 


Five Seasons TCM Recipes:


Generally, it is very safe if consumed in moderation (30g/day)

Notes & Safety:

Individuals with weak and cold spleen & stomach should be cautious. 

Written by Five Seasons TCM

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