Adrian Chang

Five Seasons TCM 2 comments
Adrian Chang is a 3rd-gen Asian-American and the creator of My Kitsune Café, a food blog that shares Asian dishes & traditional recipes.
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Jenny Dorsey

Five Seasons TCM 5 comments
Jenny is a professional chef, author and activist. Specializing in multi-platform storytelling. She fuses food with social good! She has competed in the Food Network show Chopped, ran for Forbes 30 under 30, and can be found on the TED stage, talking about how food can be a source of intimacy, identity, and vulnerability.
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Sara Buttanshaw

Five Seasons TCM 4 comments
Sara is a London-based holistic facialist, skincare enthusiast, and TCM and acupuncture student.
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Lulu Ge

Five Seasons TCM 11 comments
Lulu is the founder of Elix, a clinically-backed, women’s health company rooted in the ancient power of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Elix is the first brand to personalize clinically-backed Chinese herbal remedies for women’s hormonal health through modern technology.
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Monica Lo

Five Seasons TCM 7 comments
Monica is the creator of Sous Weed®, a photographer, and a creative director. She embraces cannabis as a superfood, as opposed to merely a psychoactive addictive.
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Ellis Jung

Five Seasons TCM 6 comments
Ellis is a Russian-born Korean cuisine chef and YouTuber. Her recipes are seasonal, medicinal, and full of love and passion.
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