—the Japanese TCM Dessert Maker

Shiroi is a registered dietitian and TCM herbalist from Japan. We are always amazed by the beautiful, delicate, and medicinal desserts that she creates. We asked Shiroi for three delicious Japanese dessert recipes. They look absolutely amazing!

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.

I make Japanese sweets by utilizing our knowledge of nutrition and Chinese medicine.

What was your first encounter with cooking/first awareness of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

Originally, I worked in the medical field as a nutritionist. However, at this time, nutrition therapy based on Western medicine cannot approach individual constitution very well. Using food and herbs as nutrition therapy to treat diseases has also not been established as a mature practice. As a result, I began to want to learn about Chinese medicine, with a focus on constitutional efforts and disease prevention.

What are your must-haves in your kitchen?

I often make Japanese sweets. Citrus fruits are always in stock. I often use chen pi.

As winter is approaching, what is your favorite dish to cook?

My favorite food is "neri-kiri," a Japanese sweet! I introduce Neri-kiri with cinnamon, which has the effect of warming the body for winter.


 Neri-kiri with Cinnamon


Chen Pi Amber Sugar

Which herbs/healing ingredients do you use most often, and why do you use them?

I often use chen pi for cooking. Chen pi is an excellent herbal medicine to have facilitate the flow of Qi.


Sigure of Chen Pi and Peas


Which body constitution do you have and how will your daily ritual change after finding out?

I knew that my constitution was prone to Qi Stagnation. It is a “mentally unstable” constitution because it is easy for my mental stress to accumulate. After realizing that I had this constitution, I started eating foods that could facilitate the flow of Qi. I try to refresh myself with every meal. I feel less depressed and less stressed than before. I just took your body constitution quiz and the result of the test matched the constitution I assumed! 

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