Lulu Ge

Lulu Ge

—Founder of Elix Healing


Founded by Lulu Ge, Elix is a clinically-backed, women’s health company rooted in the ancient power of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


Elix is the first brand to personalize clinically-backed Chinese herbal remedies for women’s hormonal health through modern technology, democratizing access to TCM. Addressing the root of hormonal symptoms by meeting overlooked needs in women’s health, Elix is the antidote to band-aid solutions and an outdated, “one- size-fits-all” approach.     

Elix’s flagship Cycle Balance—a tincture of potent, medicinal herbs— is tailored to heal menstrual symptoms over time (and for good) by treating the hormonal imbalances and inflammation that cause them. Elix recently launched a limited edition Ginger Aide, Stay Well and Get Well line of Immunity Support products perfect for this time of year!

Before we begin, here is Elix’s instagram and website. Check her out and follow!

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Dear Lulu, we absolutely adore Elix's personalized approach to TCM and woman's health. Could you tell us more about you and your TCM journey?

Thank you! Elix is largely born out of my personal health journey to rediscovering my TCM roots.

I was born in a hospital my grandfather ran in Hunan (Southern China) and grew up with TCM as a way of life. Even after immigrating to the U.S. at five years old, I remember drinking medicinal mushroom soups and super fruit tonics looooong before they became the trends they are today. To be honest, I always felt a bit embarrassed being “that” kid with smelly herbs. 🌿

Fast forward a decade or two later, armed with an Ivy League degree, I landed some of my *dream* jobs in NYC. At a time when I was over-caffeinated, sleep-deprived, working crazy hours, and always focused on that next promotion, I simultaneously went off birth control and experienced extreme hormone imbalances. This manifested itself as chronic fatigue, period pain, migraines, anxiety, bloating and more.

That’s when my grandfather helped me find my way back to Chinese herbal medicine to lower my inflammation, rebalance my cycle and finally start healing my body from within.

Elix is excited to be the first brand and platform to bring personalized TCM to women’s health. We have a free online health assessment that you can take to learn more about your cycle and receive an herbal treatment formula recommendation. We’re really proud that 93% of women experience an improvement in their menstrual and hormone symptoms using Elix Cycle Balance! Our mission is to democratize access to these beautiful healing herbs and excitedly, we can say that women in all 50 states are using Elix to support her health!


What is one of your favorite food/herb ingredients? Why?       

I have so many it’s really difficult to choose just one! The beauty of TCM food theory is that our health is most supported when we ‘eat the colors of the rainbow’ and absorb the diversity of phytonutrients that come from foods of different colors. For TCM herbs, we know that formulas which blend healing properties and synergies together are the ones that have have the biggest impact on our health – which is why Elix menstrual wellness formulas are all a blend of 11-15 different proven herbal healers. If I had to choose one, that I always have on hand, it would be ginger for its incredible anti-inflammatory and immune boosting benefits. We recently bottled up a medicinal-grade ginger tincture (that tastes like a Ginger candy). It’s called our Ginger Aide and I always carry it in my purse or have it on my desk for that extra pick-me-up!



How do you think TCM could be accepted by more people? What are your views/thoughts on TCM cuisine?

Absolutely! In these short few months since formally launching Elix, we’ve shipped to people in 49 states across the US. For many of our users in small towns across Kentucky, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Alaska, Wyoming, etc – she tells us that we are her first foray into the world of herbal medicine and TCM. She feels like she has tried nearly everything on the market and is ready for a more holistic approach to her health.

I’ve always grown up with the practice of “food as medicine” – eating bitter melon in the summer (to clear heat), nourishing mushroom + chicken soups in the Fall and Winters (to build immunity) and and array of medicinal herbal tinctures to support with different ailments. In Chinese culture, TCM cuisine is really a practice of preventative health and wellness. It’s how we nourish ourselves in a sustainable way. Given the broken state of U.S. healthcare, I believe Americans are seeking more holistic practices found in TCM to prevent falling victim to an endless cycle of toxic pharmaceuticals and unnecessary surgeries. The ancient wisdom passed down from our culture is more relevant now than ever before – and receiving more widespread validation through science and research – helping us take control of our health and our bodies.


What is inspiring you recently? (A book? Something on social media? A song?)

While I normally live in NYC, I’ve been sheltering with my parents in Northern California and spending nearly every weekend hiking in the redwood forests. I’m absolutely blown away by the majestic beauty of redwood trees, which live to be thousands of years old. They are incredible for our planet - absorbing more carbon dioxide (CO2) than any other trees and they stand as the tallest living creatures on Earth, growing up to 400 feet (as tall as a 37-story building). Their roots extend up to 100 feet underground, forming complex networks with other tree trunks to support each other and their roots could extend more than 50 feet from the trunk. 

It’s been said that these incredible trees are the answer to global warming due to their unique properties that detox our environment. Part of me also wonders what medicinal properties can be extracted…rather than investing so much into toxic chemicals and directivities, what if we invested more in discovering and learning about the healing gifts from nature?


What's your favorite dish to make that uses TCM ingredients? Will you be willing to share 1-2 recipes with us, so that we could all try those at our homes?

I start every morning with an herbal matcha latte! Depending on how I’m feeling, I may rotate in different types of herbs. Here is my personal recipe to start your day with focused clarity and balance.




We want to end this interview with Elix’s mission, which Five Seasons TCM also aligns with:


“90% of women have our lives disrupted by menstrual symptoms every month. Taught to believe it’s “just part of being a woman,” we mask the pain with toxic drugs, alter our hormones with synthetic birth control, or cancel our plans and simply suffer.

None of this is normal,
and it ends now.”


The entire Five Seasons TCM team has a bottle of Elix at home! We invite you explore Elix’s potency and efficacy! Use our exclusive code “FIVESEASONSTCM” for a special discount!

Written by Five Seasons TCM


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