Fred Chang

Fred Chang

—the Taiwanese Masterchef Who Loves Ginger


Born in Taipei, Taiwan and raised just south of Los Angeles, Fred “Freddy” Chang didn’t always know he wanted to open a bakery. He was one of the top 10 contestants in the 10th season of Masterchef USA, where he made a cake that was allegedly so good, that Gordon Ramsay himself licked the plate clean!

Before we start, here is Fred’s instagram and website. Take a look and follow Fred, if you’re interested!

Tell us a little bit about yourself. What is it that you do/share with us some of your greatest achievements.

My name is Fred Chang. I studied Hospitality Administration at Boston University, and am currently a recipe writer and food blogger. Some of my greatest accomplishments would include doing dessert R&D for Christina Tosi, and staging (similar to apprenticing or interning) for several James Beard Award-winning restaurants and Michelin-starred chefs by the time I was 24.

What was your first encounter with cooking?

I started baking at 15, so sophomore year of high school. I started specifically with vegan baking, and branched into more traditional French style pastries, then eventually, into actual cooking. 

What are your must-haves in your kitchen?

A whisk, heat-proof rubber spatula, a heat-proof bowl, a fully-metal pan that is preferably nonstick, and obviously at least one good knife.

Do you have any experience with Traditional Chinese Medicine? What is one ingredient/food/beverage that you would take and/or make for your own wellness?

I use ginger often, but that's about it with Chinese medicinal ingredients at the moment! And I do drink golden milk a lot since the spices help with your metabolism!

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Which herb/healing ingredients do you use most often and why do you use them?

When I get to use fresh herbs, I love to use herbs like mint or basil the most. When I made a plated take on Kibbeh Nayyeh, I used plenty of mint, parsley, and nasturtium actually, just because I had them on hand. I also love to use ginger in my broths and preferably with soup dumplings.


Written by Five Seasons TCM

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