Feng Ye

Feng Ye

— Founder of Sage Collective 

Feng Ye is the founder of the incredibly dynamic lifestyle brand Sage Collective.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do/share your greatest achievements.

I am the founder of Sage Collective, a lifestyle brand that explores the intersection of design, wellness, and progressive social change. We bring together artisanal home goods, tea, tools, and editorials; providing authentic experiences that highlight Chinese aesthetics and a Daoist's everyday mind of living with ease.


Fang Ye



What was your first encounter with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) or the medicinal foods of your culture?

I first became aware of medicinal foods as a child biting into bitter melon for the first time. It truly is an acquired taste, and I did not like it at all! Irritated at the bitter bite, I asked my mother why anyone would eat such a food, and she told me all the benefits of eating bitter melon. It was then I learned food could act as a medicine to prevent illness.

What are your must-haves in your kitchen (tools, ingredients, books, etc.?)

My essential ingredients in the kitchen include garlic, ginger, and dried jujube dates. I love to snack on jujube dates or enjoy them in a simple tea! I also use turmeric powder in my drinks, and add a little turmeric powder to my rice dishes. 

In terms of tools, I must have a bamboo steamer and garlic press. I don't own many cookbooks, but one I love is called “A Simple Table: Recipes & rituals for a life in balance.”

You can find the book here if you’re interested!

What's your take on "food as medicine?” What is a food-based item that you take/consume for wellness?
My go-to is Red Beans and Pearl Barley (Coix Seed) Porridge 红豆薏米粥. I like to add in Chinese yam for extra nutrition and beauty benefits. I soak the pearl barley the night before, and it’s so easy to make in the morning! 

Could you share two health-conscious recipes with us, in which you used ingredients inspired by traditional medicine or nature? 

The first recipe I want to share is an immunity-boosting soup, Pumpkin Soup with Ginger and Pearl Barley. You can find the full recipe here

I get sore throats frequently. My DIY-cure is warmed Shaoxing wine (a type of Chinese rice wine) and Pu’er tea with chrysanthemum flowers. It works like magic every time.


Shao Xing Wine

Shao Xing Wine

Which body constitution do you have and how will your daily ritual change after finding out? 

I have the Constitution of Yang Deficiency. I need to cut down on the ice coffees in the summertime and avoid staying up late! I get cold often and have  a hard time warming up. 

You can take our body constitution here to find out which type you have and how to support it!


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