Saffron Cauliflower Rice with Turmeric Ghee

This recipe is a fusion between many healing traditions. Originated in regions like Iran, Greece, Morocco, and India, saffron also has been used in TCM for centuries. Its function includes:

  • Removes blood stagnation
  • Balances mood, especially for depression, grief, and sadness
  • Treats amenorrhea and cramps due to stagnation
  • Relieves postpartumn abdominal pain
  • Reduces swelling

Paired with light cauliflower rice, this dish is a great substitute for refined white rice. The other secret ingredient in this dish has an ayurvedic root: ghee! Fourth and Heart Turmeric Ghee is a rich, delicious, lactose-free alternative to butter and cooking oils made with pure turmeric. Turmeric ghee adds subtle, earthy flavor and warmth to every meal. On top of all the health benefits ghee, turmeric is known for aiding digestion, reducing inflammation, and increasing alkalinity and circulation in the body.

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Written by Five Seasons TCM
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