Roasted Kabocha Squash with Goji Infused Olive Oil for Brighter Eyes | 护眼枸杞油醋汁烤南瓜

Roasted kabocha squash is so simple, yet always a crowd favorite on any windy autumn-winter days. At Five Seasons, we love kabocha squash for its Qi-strengthening function that helps to build stronger Spleen system.

Goji is another TCM ingredient that we absolutely adore. Its bright red color highlights its blood-nourishing function. It enters the kidney and liver meridian, thus great for the winter season.

By infusing goji berries with extra virgin olive oil and then using it to roast the kabocha, we want to explore new ways to use goji and encourage you to utilize this wonderful food-medicine more.


Written by Five Seasons TCM

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