Herbal Tea Eggs for Qi and Blood | 补气血茶叶蛋

Tea eggs are a breakfast essential in many parts of China. Growing up in Shanghai, I'd make a stop on the way to school to pick up tea eggs from the local convenience stores or street-side vendors for breakfast. They were so flavorful; the dark-woody fragrance from the spices, the umami flavor from the soy sauce, and the smoky taste from the black tea called to me every morning.  

I remember helping my grandparents making them at home. My favorite part was to peel the eggs and make slits on them so that the brine could flavor the eggs better.

Here is our version of herbal tea eggs. Besides the conventional spices and condiments, the brine contains our Superwomen Tonic to help you replenish Qi and Blood after your period. But of course, this is suitable for men and children as well!

Written by Five Seasons TCM
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