Warming Pumpkin Curry | 暖体南瓜咖喱

Acupuncturist (LAc), herbalist, Samantha Kloss, explains how in Chinese medicine, pumpkins and squashes are “spleen Qi” tonics - meaning that they are good for strengthening our digestion. She says they are also good to consume when we are experiencing digestive symptoms, as it is a gentle and easy-to-digest food. The other veggies added to the curry were specifically chosen for their benefits to digestion. The vegetables have a cooling thermal property in comparison to the warming spices that are used, making this a well-balanced dish.

As a general rule in Chinese dietary therapy, when we’re feeling a little “off”- our digestion loves and will prefer starchy, mashed, and warm, cooked foods because they’re much easier for our bodies to break down.

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Written by Samantha Kloss

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