Steamed Lotus Leaf Chicken and Millet | 荷叶大黄米蒸鸡

This is my modern recreation of an traditional Chinese dish "Lotus Leaf Steamed Chicken".  Usually, it is made with sticky rice and pork sausage, but I used glutinous millet (the sticky version of regular millet!) and lotus seeds instead.

You may find dried lotus leaf in Chinatown. The size of the unfolded dried lotus leaf is enormous and it's a beauty. If you cannot find the leaf, make this dish in tamale husks or other dried plant wraps of your culture.

Don't be intimidated by steaming. It is actually very easy to make at home. The key is to have fresh and high quality ingredients,  and I promise you the dish will come out delicious!

lotus leaf chicken


Written by Five Seasons TCM
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