Multigrain Pumpkin Porridge with Tahini

Five Seasons TCM

Based on traditional Asian dishes like congee and jook, savory porridge has been growing in popularity recently, and it is super easy to recreate at home. We love this Multigrain Pumpkin Porridge with Tahini for its simplicity as well as its warming effect and gut-health benefits. The mix of grains and roasted pumpkin are known in TCM to strengthen the Spleen for improved digestion, while the tahini and mixed nuts help to moisten the intestines, relieving constipation and other dryness symptoms. For this recipe we added a few droppers of Elix’s Cycle Balance for added hormone balancing benefits to support...

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Lotus Seed Chestnut Yam Congee | 板栗莲子山药糊

Five Seasons TCM 1 comment

If you love baby food, you will absolutely adore this recipe. If you don't, I suspect that you would still fall in love with the smooth, soft, gentle, and satisfying texture of this potage. It features chestnut, lotus seed, and yam, all of which are incredibly nourishing for our spleen, stomach, lung, and kidney. It is slightly warming and naturally a little sweet. This recipe is also suitable for babies. 

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