Honey-Ginger Poached Pear with Elix Tofu Cream

This warming dessert is soothing and restorative—perfect for autumn. Pears, honey, and tofu are true TCM staples for the autumn months. Autumn is the season of metal. The air is accordingly dry and sharp during this time, making the Lungs vulnerable to dryness and excess fire. Foods like pear, honey, and tofu are powerful Yin restoratives, and inclusion of these into the diety will do wonders for dryness (including throat, nose, and skin) and respiratory problems. 

We've also added ginger and cinnamon to this recpie, as well as Elix Healing's Ginger Aid Tincture. These are warming, helping the body stay strong and boosting the immune system for the cold months ahead. 

Written by Five Seasons TCM

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