Chinese Medicine-Inspired, Warming Mulled Wine | 药膳暖体红酒

Five Seasons TCM

This is a TCM take on the traditional holiday mulled wine. It contains blood and qi nourishing herbs to help warm our body in winter and replenish deficiencies due to overworking, lack of exercise, and constitutional deficiencies. It takes slightly sweet and very aromatic. Hope you enjoy! 

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Osmanthus Sweet Rice Wine | 桂花米酒

Five Seasons TCM 22 comments

VEGAN | GLUTEN-FREE | NUT-FREE Recipe & Photographer: Zoey Gong Please credit @fiveseasonstcm if you want to repost this recipe Growing up in Shanghai, I loved sweet rice (also called sticky rice, glutinous rice, 糯米, nuo mi, or mochi rice)! It is a sweeter, stickier variety of rice that gives mochi and rice cake that satisfying chewy texture. In TCM, sweet rice has a few properties worth mentioning: Thermal Nature: Warm Five Flavors: Sweet Meridian Affiliation: Lung, Stomach, Spleen Function: Tonifies Qi and Blood; circulates Blood; disperses Cold. One of my favorite things made from sweet rice is 糯米酒 (Nuo...

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Rose and Schisandra Tea for Women’s Health | 玫瑰五味子饮

xinyi gong
This tea is an aromatic herbal beverage made from the delicate buds of rose flowers and the tart Schisandra berry. We recommend drinking it in the evening to tonify the kidneys, gently moves Qi and blood, and unblock stagnation.
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