Soy Milk Punch | 豆奶酒


This soy milk punch recipe was inspired by the popular milk punches of the 17th and 18th centuries (Benjamin Franklin had his own signature milk punch). At the time, there was no refrigeration so alcohol was used to curdle and remove milk solids, producing a shelf-stable beverage that could be bottled!

The process of "milk washing" is used to make most types of milk punches. It strips away any tannins and other sharp flavors from the alcohol, leaving behind a complex and silky sensation that coats your mouth and throat, as you'd find in a good Chardonnay! The milk washing technique does not remove lactose, so milk punch cannot be imbibed by anyone with lactose intolerance. Therefore, this recipe uses high-protein soy milk; and although soy milk will not yield a punch as crystal-clear as recipes that use cow's milk, the overall effect is still there: smooth, plush, and potentially dangerous!

Written by Zoe Yang

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