Pink Pineapple Tea for Hangover | 粉红菠萝解酒饮

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), pineapple is used as a remedy for food stagnation, hangover, thirst, urinary difficulties, and edema. It is sweet and sour in flavor, and neutral in thermal nature, which makes it suitable for consumption throughout the year.

Del Monte Fresh sponsored us its newest creation — PINKGLOW Pineapples that are grown in Costa Rica! Its unique pink color comes from lycopene, a natural pigment and antioxidant that gives some produce its red color (e.g. tomatoes and watermelon), which makes this pineapple glow pink. This pineapple is also slightly sweeter than many other conventional varieties, and it didn’t make our mouth tingle.

Here is a classic food therapy beverage using pineapple, which is great for treating hangovers and thirst!

Written by Five Seasons TCM

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