Persimmon Wine | 酒酿柿子

Nature has been making wine for thousands of years. The conversion of fruit into alcohol is a process that happens quite organically. All sugar naturally ferments and humans have simply fine tuned the system to suit our preferences, especially when it comes to wine! The grape is not the only fruit that is capable of making wine. Our ancestors realized this and created wines from herbs, rice, peaches, or even flowers!

Homemade fruit wine, especially Persimmon Wine, is easier to make than you might think — the main ingredient honestly is time! From fall through winter, you can shop at your local grocer for these orange juicy gems. Better yet, persimmons can be easily foraged in many parts of the US!

The native American species (Diospyros virginiana) has a habitat spanning from Connecticut to Texas, and Asian persimmons (Diospyros kaki) can be found across California. Additionally, they ripen at the exact time of year when it is most beneficial to eat persimmons (fall & winter)!

Written by Zoe Yang

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