Osmanthus Sweet Rice Wine | 桂花米酒


Recipe & Photographer: Zoey Gong

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sweet rice wine

Growing up in Shanghai, I loved sweet rice (also called sticky rice, glutinous rice, 糯米, nuo mi, or mochi rice)! It is a sweeter, stickier variety of rice that gives mochi and rice cake that satisfying chewy texture.

In TCM, sweet rice has a few properties worth mentioning:

Thermal Nature: Warm

Five Flavors: Sweet

Meridian Affiliation: Lung, Stomach, Spleen

Function: Tonifies Qi and Blood; circulates Blood; disperses Cold.

sweet rice and osmanthus

One of my favorite things made from sweet rice is 糯米酒 (Nuo Mi Jiu), sweet rice wine! It is very low in alcohol content and has a pleasant sweet taste that is perfect for any season. It carries the function of sweet rice to help blood circulation and warm up our bodies, with the added benefit of supplying probiotics to our digestive system! I was disappointed to see that sweet rice wine is not really available in the U.S.. So, here is how to make it at home!


Written by Five Seasons TCM


hi. How long can this wine be stored? Does it need to be refrigerated? Thanks. It tastes great!

Stefanie on Aug 25, 2022

Sounds very good, https://simplechinesefood.com/recipe/osmanthus-wine

simplechinesefood.com on Apr 29, 2022

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